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Our Program

Journey Air is pleased to have the opportunity to work with the alliance and leicester loan faculty and administrators at the University of Windsor on its Aeronautics Leadership program, and to engage students in new and interesting ways. Flight training in conjunction with the University of Windsor is a first for this community, and we are committed to working closely with the University of Windsor to enhance the student experience – student retention, as well as corporate profile and reputation, are key to our success.

Journey Air’s Professional Pilot Training Program, coordinated with Liberal and Professional Studies, is designed to enroll a student, with little or no experience, and provide the knowledge and training required to become a Licensed Commercial Pilot with a Multi-Engine Instrument Rating, following three years of study.

The Aeronautics Leadership program is primarily located at personal micro loans our training facility at Windsor International Airport (YQG). Students are jointly enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts Honours in Liberal and Professional Studies and our flight training school at Windsor International Airport (YQG). Students participate in a Preparatory Camp in August 2013. Beginning in September 2013, they attend classes at the university and flight training concurrently at YQG.

Beyond the excellent teaching and learning experiences we offer, University of Windsor students will see Journey Air as an extension of campus. Students are given twenty-four hour / seven day a week (24/7) access to our professional 15,000 square foot facility.