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Journey Air has been a Transport Canada Certified Flight Training Unit since 2004. An example of our commitment to safety and professionalism can be seen in the fleet renewal program that we have undertaken over the past two years. The company has renewed its fleet of aircraft, replacing older antiquated equipment with state of the art Diamond Aircraft two seat trainers that have the best training safety record in the industry. We have also invested heavily in advanced simulation and have full time staff licensed and a simulator capable of multi crew training in advanced aircraft such as turboprops or jets.

Transport Canada has approved Journey Air for all required aspects of flight training. In addition to approvals already in place, we have begun the process to acquire such documentation for Integrated Pilot Training Program and expect approval within the next six months. Journey Air Ltd. is a Certified Flight Training Unit capable of delivering all aspects of the required coursework and training. Our Chief Flight Instructor has 10 years of airline flying experience. Further, he understands first-hand what is required for program development, and of students, in order to ensure that students graduate from flight training programs and succeed in their chosen career path. We have the largest facility, the newest fleet, the most flight simulators, and the most experienced instructional staff at Windsor Airport – and we currently boast of graduates working in larger domestic and foreign markets.